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La Butifarra Radiowow!! what kind of mix of the clash, elvis and sex pistols is this? It's really incredible I like it. they honestly managed to make a Christmas hit. the sound that it has is brutal and the voice that I tell you I loved the timbre it has. That resemblance to those bands that I mentioned blew my mind. In addition to the production, I really liked making it sound half dirty and very punk, it sounds incredible to me. this track is a 10 out of 10

PlaylistCamps Hello sir/ma’am, my team and I received your track and after checking it out we really loved it. We have decided to go forward with the playlist placement, social media post and the website blog. The track is really amazing, the entire composition is a master piece and you deserve to be pushed forward and to the top. You can share your future projects with us to again check them out. I think you and your team are doing a very great job, keep it up and we’ll also keep supporting you


This piece of Music is Energetic and easy to fit into your everyday life. I can easily hear the vocals, very unique and interesting. I recomend this song to any fan of Classic Rock. I am Glad I was able to Review this Amazing Song.

Tunecore Music Review


The start is full Punk Rock, not really to my liking but it sounded fine. As the song went on it got Better and Better. I was hesitant about Rock Music but this Song Got To Me and sure changed my view. Overall, this Music was a Joy to Hear and Exciting to Write About.

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The Vocals are Interesting and Definetly different from anybody else. I Love the beat and immediatly started nodding my head to it. I will buy this song, it's perfect for a long summer drive with all the windows down.

Tunecore Music Review




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Those Times We Changed - Vermin & the Beachrat

This is a very good song, the riffs in this song are very good and grab a hold of you when you are listening to it, this song is very original and catchy. I really liked the vocalist voice it's very unique and sounds very proffesional.

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This song has a catchy beat and nice vocals, very clear guitar and drums. I really like this song, a fun song to listen to at parties. I like this song because it is fun, nice to listen to, and makes me smile.

Tune Core - Track Smart


This tune is so catchy ! I really enjoy the instuments, and the relay of the vocals. The artist voices are intriguing and different from what's on the popular radio stations. The song is upbeat and fun. I feel like this would be a great song to listen to while dancing with friends. So much Fun !!




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