" Dinner by Candlelight "
October 15, 2021


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Hello, I'm Joe Lamore, a singer/songwriter from Hudson & Sudbury Massachusetts. 


      The New 7 Song CD was released on April 7th, 2021. 

    This will be my 3rd CD release and has a little bit of everything on it. Starts of with a few slow acoustic songs and flows into some Rock & Roll songs. 

  The first 2 songs " My Cherished Memories " ( release date Feb. 19th, 2021) and " Dream of You " ( release date May 5th, 2020) 

     I wrote both of these songs during COVID, at a time that we were separated from family, friends, and loved ones. I learned to Hold Tight to the short time I'd get to  spend with them. Remembering special moments we shared, and then a smile, a Big smile, would spread across my lips, as I knew these were becoming " My Cherished Memories "

      The 3rd song is " One Last Chance " ( release date April 7th, 2021) My Aunt Pauline named this song, I was going to call it Playboy. A song about touring and playing at different shows, wishing and hoping that this one person would come to see me play, in the end she was able to tell me " Every time you sang, I came to hear you play " 

      The 4th Song " I Know Everything About U " ( release date February 3rd, 2019 ) was released as a single. A fun upbeat song about being a teenager in love, Do you remember those days.

      The 5th and 6th song " I've Got Sunshine "  and  " Somebody Told Me " ( released on April 7th, 2021) I wrote back in 2012, My son was going thru some life learning lessons and I wrote these while he figured out life, I tried to put his feeling's into my songs. A Special Thank You to John Vicaire from the Beachrats for playing guitar on Somebody Told Me.

     The 7th song " Christmas Time of Year " ( release date March 25th, 2021 ) is all about the Christmas eve parties at our house. We have a large family, and many friends that are just like family. On Christmas Eve we play guitar and sing, always loved ones coming and going, and always a house full. I really missed it this year.

      So that is some inside information on the New Cd, and the release dates always hold a special meaning in my life.       

       I Thank You for following The Magical, Musical, Journey of:

    Vermin & the Beachrat