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          Hello, my name is Joe Lamore, also known as Vermin & the Beachrat. I have been involved with writing and playing music from a young age, like many other artist. I started out on the drums living in Waltham, MA. We moved from Waltham to Sudbury, MA. in 1968, I was 12 years old and certainly did not want to move.

 I met a lot of new friends, quickly, as on the first day we had moved in I was in the front yard throwing a football in the air and catching it, that’s when Craig pulled into my driveway on his bike and said “ Hey, you want to play football “ I said “ Oh Yeah “ ran in and told my Mom and away I went, it was the end of July and by the time school started I sure didn’t feel like the new kid, I was friends with everyone I had been playing football with.

       I was playing the drums then and the lunch lady's son was starting a band and needed a drummer. So my Mom would help me pack all of my drums into her car, drive me to Maynard for band practice and then come back after practice to pick up my drums and me every Saturday for 3 months. I would practice in my bedroom and one day Scott and Steve told me that they would hang outside and listen to me play, Scott asked me “ Do you want to play in another band “ I thought, well, it would be a lot closer to home and Mom won't have to drive me, I said “ Sure “ so I started out on the drums but quickly learned they had 3 drummers that would sit in here and there, all friends. One day Scott said “ Joe, you need to learn how to play guitar “ I asked “ Can you teach me “ and he did. I would play on a Cort Guitar that the strings were so hard to press down that my fingers would bleed. Scott said " You need a real guitar " so the next day we went and saw Fran at the Sudbury Music Center. Fran was great, I got an ARIA semi-hollow body guitar that was a dream to play and I could pay him weekly what ever I could. I learned quickly and we started playing at Parties around Town and then we were asked to play for our friend Jay’s Benefit Concert. Scott and I went to a meeting with the other bands that would be performing at the concert. The first thing we were asked by Greg was “ What’s the name of your band “ Scott and I just looked at each other and told him “ We don’t have a name “ Greg then named us “ The Dutton Road Band “


After High School the band split up as some friends went of to college, Scott was playing in a few cover bands and I had started to write original music.

I started a new band in 1985 with Conrad one of the drummers from Dutton Road band and one of my best friends, Ken on Bass guitar, another one of our friends, and John from Berlin MA. the youngster of the group and a fantastic guitar player. One day Conrad came into practice and said " I have a name for the band, The Beachrats “ We had a lot of fun and played in many clubs in the New England area. We made two studio recordings, the first was in Leon Russel’s Recording Bus in 1986, and the second studio recording was at Long View Farm in North Brookfield, MA. This studio was popular for having recorded bands such as “ The Rolling Stones “ and “ The J. Geils Band “ along with “ Aerosmith “ and many other popular bands, well, popular back then. We recorded a 4 song demo and passed them out to family and friends asking them to pick there favorite song “ The Wiser Man “ won the vote and can still be heard on streaming services under “ Vermin & the Beachrat “ I got married in 1989 and Conrad moved to Cape Cod.


In the years that followed I played in a few Cover Bands. I worked for a cable company and we formed a band called “ 10dB Down “ we picked this name because the Data carrier was 10 dB lower than the video carrier. We stayed together for a few years and played many parties until my good friend and co-worker Greg, passed from Cancer.


I had started to play solo acoustic parties for Family Gatherings and Graduations when the bass player from 10dB Down contacted me, Billy Bass had started a new band and they needed another guitar player, so I agreed to play only until they found someone that could replace me. This band was named

“ Five Hole Band “ and we played in many, many clubs in the Worcester area. We played cover songs and party music and would fill many clubs to their capacity. I played in this band for three years, my Mom was now living with us and my wife’s Mom was also living with us, along with having a day-care. The band was playing out three weekends a month, I had to leave the band as my time was needed more with family, and really, I was only filling in.


In 2009 I started writing songs again, and released my first solo CD “ Crossin the Line “ I had to think of a Band name, I first checked out Beachrats, but another band had taken the name. One of my best friends would call and always say the same thing, funny, he still does, I hear “Vermin, what you doing“I thought I’m only one Beachrat now, so I called myself “ Vermin & the Beachrat “

“ Crossin the Line “ was my first release in 2010 – A seven song EP that is still on streaming services, “ Lock, Stock, and Barrel “ was well received.

This was followed up with my second CD “ My Fantasy “ also a 7 song EP, it was released in 2014 and received many streams and some press for the song “ All in this Together “


I took a break from music for a few years as we had many family matters to tend to.

In 2019, I was asked to play at a couple of family gatherings, so I started playing again and writing songs once again.  It was 2020 during COVID when I wrote “ Dream of You “ a song about missing the people you love. I put together a “LIVE SHOW“ on Twitch and Zoom for the song release “Dream of You” on May 5th, 2020 I had started writing songs again and during the Live Shows I wrote and played “ One Last Chance “ I received a lot of request for both songs so I started working on my 3rd CD release “ One Last Chance “ with a release date of March 25th, 2021 a new 7 song EP. The single “ My Cherished Memories “ was released on February 19th, 2021 along with the You Tube Video. I will be practicing for the upcoming CD Release Party of “ One Last Chance the LIVE SHOW “    the Time and Date TBA

                      So that’s it, the story of Vermin & the Beachrat right up to the present day.

                              Truly I Thank You for Following the Magical, Musical, Journey of


                                       Vermin & the Beachrat